Welcome to EcoCentral

Your local recycling centre

EcoDrop operates 3 transfer stations around Christchurch accepting recycling and refuse from both domestic and commercial customers.

Save money & the planet

EcoShop is the retail outlet for recycled goods rescued from the 3 EcoDrops.

Automated Recycling

Where the Yellow Bin recycling from the Canterbury region is sorted, baled and sold as a reclaimed material.


COVID-19 Update

  • The EcoShop located at Blenheim road is closed from 25th March
  • EcoDrop Recycling Centres at all transfer stations will close 4:30pm 25th March
  • The EcoDrop transfer station Styx Mill will close from 4:30pm 25th March
  • The EcoDrop transfer stations at Parkhouse Road and Metro Place in Bromley are closed to the public but available to essential and urgent services and their commercial support partners.

Pre-authorisation Process

  • Any urgent need to dispose of general refuse will require pre authorisation by EcoCentral.
    • To apply for pre-authorisation please email admin@ecocentral.co.nzwith the following details:
      • Name
      • Contact phone number
      • Vehicle make, colour & registration
      • Waste to be disposed
      • Reason for urgent disposal or Essential service
      • Date, time & EcoDrop Transfer station disposal is desired
      • Once we have received your disposal request we will make every effort to reply within 24 hours (Weekdays only). 
  • Only 'General Refuse' will be accepted.
    • No other waste type will be accepted including, but not limited to Greenwaste, Hardfill or Hazardous waste.
  • If there is no account then payment must be by EFTPOS/Credit card.

No cash transactions will be accepted.

At EcoCentral, we run the three EcoDrops and operate the Material Recovery Facility (EcoSort) on behalf of Christchurch City Council. The EcoShop is also part of our unique business.  We receive and process a high proportion of Canterbury recycling and waste, seeking to divert into usable resources, with a target of minimising the residual waste to landfill.

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