About Us

Who are we?

As a part of Christchurch City Holdings Limited and owned by Christchurch City Council, we are an integral part of our city.  We automatically sort all the yellow bin recycling, we run three EcoDrops within the city accepting and processing refuse and the EcoShop offering products rescued from the waste stream.

We are passionate about recycling and about having a great time at work.  We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and finding ways to ensure Christchurch leads the way in recycling.

Being a part of our team means you want to make a difference to our wonderful city.  The opportunities for personal growth and development are large as we further develop our systems and processes for Christchurch.

Our Objectives

Sustainability objectives

To receive and process a high proportion of CCC controlled waste into usable resources, with a target of minimising the residual waste to landfill. To ensure that the MRF, EcoShop and EcoDrops are available & fully operational throughout the entire year to achieve this objective.

Environmental objectives

Encourage sustainable resource use and provide facilities to divert waste from the landfill that can be economically converted into resources and products that can be reused with minimal environmental impact. To operate all facilities in compliance with consents governing their operation. 

Economic objectives

Ensure that the operation returns annual operating and cash surpluses, before the repayment of debt or distributions to shareholders, and makes a positive contribution against the capital employed. To provide sound strategic & financial planning to ensure that capacity is available to meet the recycling processing needs of the Christchurch City in a viable commercial manner.

Social objectives

To assist CCC in empowering and encouraging the community in recycling surplus resource and waste in the community. To provide safe and clean facilities at all times. Also - to assist CCC in encouraging  the users of the systems operated by EcoCentral Limited  in Christchurch to  understand and embrace the concept of waste minimisation and resource recovery and assist in the development of a more sustainable community

Health & Safety 

The EcoCentral Limited Health & Safety Policy can be found by clicking here.