About Us

EcoCentral oversees the processing of recycling and refuse collections from throughout the Canterbury region for both households and commercial premises.

EcoCentral operates the following facilities:

  1. The EcoSort, a large semi-automated plant that processes the recycling product received from the yellow recycling bin for Christchurch and the surrounding region.
  2. The 3 EcoDrops receiving refuse from either the household red bin collections or directly from the public or commercial operations. On the same site the EcoDrop recycling centres receives many recycling or reusable items that cannot go into the yellow bin.
  3. The EcoShop is located on Blenheim Road. This retail outlet receives material from the EcoDrops, checks it for safety and retails these items to the public, thereby diverting material from landfill.

With 3 recycling and refuse stations strategically located around Christchurch, the public are able to responsibly drop their recycling/refuse which is not accepted in the weekly kerbside bin collection. Gas bottles, car batteries, engine oil, furniture and many other items are collected and sorted. Potentially recyclable items which still have a useful life left to run are collected and sent to the EcoShop.

What is unable to be salvaged is then passed over the weighbridge towards the refuse area. Green waste is separated and sent for composting, the remainder enters the waste pit, and is transported to Kate Valley.

The inventory for the EcoShop is taken from the 3 EcoDrop recycling centres around Christchurch. Electrical items are tested and repaired if necessary before being placed on sale. Everything is assessed for value and functionality before being given a modest sell price and placed on display to the public.

The stock is always changing but there is one common element. People have made an important and conscious decision to drop off their goods for someone else to buy and love.

As a part of Christchurch City Holdings Limited and owned by Christchurch City Council, we are an integral part of our city.  We automatically sort all the yellow bin recycling, we run three EcoDrops within the city, accepting and processing refuse. and the EcoShop offering products rescued from the waste stream.

We are passionate about recycling and about having a great time at work.  We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and finding ways to ensure Christchurch leads the way in recycling.

Being a part of our team means you want to make a difference to our wonderful city.  The opportunities for personal growth and development are large as we further develop our systems and processes for Christchurch.

Our Objectives

Sustainability objectives

To process a high proportion of CCC controlled waste into usable resources, with a target of minimising the residual waste sent to landfill.

Ensuring that the EcoDrops, EcoSort and EcoShop are available and fully operational 7 days per week (excluding the five major public holidays) to achieve this objective.

To identify, develop and implement innovative processes that reduce waste and help create a circular economy.


Environmental objectives

Encourage sustainable resource use and provide facilities for the diversion of waste from landfill where that waste can be converted into reusable resources, in a commercially viable manner, with minimal environmental impact. 

EcoCentral intends to work with CCC on developing education strategies to improve waste minimisation.

To operate all facilities in 100% compliance with the consents governing their operation.         


Economic objectives

Ensure that EcoCentral's operations generate annual operating surpluses allowing the Company to continue its term debt repayment program and make a positive contribution against the capital employed.

To undertake sound strategic & financial planning to ensure that capacity is available to meet the waste & recycling processing needs of Christchurch City in a commercially viable manner.

Health & Safety 

To protect and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff, customers and contractors visiting our sites by driving a safety focused culture, adopting best-practice processes and equipment available to the industry

The EcoCentral Limited Health & Safety Policy can be found by clicking here.