A Waste of Time

A Waste of Time is an environmental education programme run by the Christchurch City Council where students will gain insight into the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle aspects of the waste hierarchy.

The programme includes visits to:

EcoSort - Students investigate the importance of reducing waste through recycling, explore how the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) separates the resources from the Recycling (yellow top) wheelie bins, then explore what products these resources can be recycled/made into.

EcoDrop - A quick drive past the recycling drop off area to identify resources for reuse and recycling that are not part of kerbside collection.

EcoShop - A leap into the future as students are invited to imagine they are moving into a new flat, so need to decide which items to purchase with their designated budget. This activity reinforces the concept of Reuse.

For more information, please contact the council or follow the link to their website:
A Waste of Time