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As a part of Christchurch City Holdings Limited, we are an integral part of our city. We automatically sort all the yellow bin recycling, we run three EcoDrops within the city accepting and processing refuse and the EcoShop offering products rescued from the waste stream.

We are passionate about recycling and about having a great time at work. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and finding ways to ensure Christchurch leads the way in recycling. Read more about us →

Our Services

Your local recycling centre

EcoDrop operates 3 transfer stations around Christchurch accepting recycling and refuse for both domestic and commercial customers.

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Save money & the planet

EcoShop is the retail outlet for recycled goods rescued from the 3 EcoDrops.

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Automated Recycling

Where the Yellow Bin recycling from the Canterbury region is sorted, baled and sold as a reclaimed material.

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