With the increase in demolition works within the City of Christchurch and surrounding areas, asbestos will need to be removed as buildings and their sites are cleared.

Asbestos presents a severe threat to human health so must be treated with caution at all times.  When handling the material, please ensure full protective clothing including face masks is used.  Please view the link below to the Worksafe web site covering the safe handling and removal of this material.

All recovered asbestos must be taken to the EcoDrop in Bromley under strict guidelines.

Please click here for a PDF version of the EcoCentral Asbestos Acceptance Criteria and Instructions.

If a delivery of asbestos does not meet the acceptance criteria the material will be rejected until it has been correctly sealed.


Asbestos - Accepted at Metro Place (off Dyers Road) only

*Asbestos only accepted wrapped in plastic on pallets. Pallets not to exceed one tonne in weight
Domestic and commercial - all vehicle types $453.40 Per Tonne  
Minimum charge for entry $36.50  

If you are seeking to remove a large volume of asbestos with a volume over 5 tonnes, please contact us via email or call +64 3 941 7513 for further information.


About Asbestos

Safety requirements for the removal of asbestos