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We accept cash/eftpos/visa/mastercard at the kiosk

Recycling Centres

Reusable and Recycling

Typical yellow bin contents (Glass, cardboard, paper, plastics) Free                             
Reusable furniture, electrical items, sporting goods, housewares, some building materials, whiteware and garden equipment. Free                                                                        
Household hazardous waste (excluding asbestos) Free
Gas cylinders Free
Printer toner cartridges Free
Staff at the recycling centres have the right to reject items that may not be good enough to sell or have no retail value at the EcoShop.  Please check with the staff on site and they will advise what we can accept and where to place it.


What happens next

When using the waste service at an EcoDrop, we weigh your vehicle upon entering and exiting the facility. The difference in weight equates to the net load and used to calculate your fee for using the service.  There is a minimum fee option for small loads which can speed up your exit.

Our staff at the kiosk will identify the load and the relevant fee structure that applies. Below is our current fees and charges related to the use of our EcoDrop facilities.

Please note: prices include GST. Prices are subject to change without notice. EcoCentral is not able to absorb any increased costs associated with Government Levy's or Transwaste Canterbury Ltd Landfill charges. Any increases in these fees will be passed on to the customer.

Current Fees

All prices are GST inclusive
Waste levy and Emissions Trading Scheme inclusive where applicable
Valid from September 1st 2018 until June 30th 2019.  We accept cash/eftpos/credit cards at the kiosk.

General Refuse

Domestic and Commercial - all vehicle types $253.40 Per Tonne
Minimum charge $10.10

Green Waste

Garden matter, leaves, branches, weeds, unsprayed lawn clippings - no cabbage tree leaves
Domestic and Commercial - large vehicles including Trailers $108.80 Per Tonne
Minimum charge - domestic station wagons/small 4x4's $10.10
$8.70 for Senior Citizens
(Mon - Fri only)
Minimum charge - Cars/Hatchbacks $10.10
$8.10 for Senior Citizens
(Mon - Fri only)
Senior Citizen discount Mon-Fri only and not on public holidays. A Senior Citizen card or other relevant identification may be required.

Hard Fill

Clean rubble, concrete, bricks, stones and pavers
All Vehicles $101.20 Per Tonne
Minimum charge $10.10  

Soil - clean separated load

Clean soil - dedicated truck loads no contamination of any kind

All Vehicles                                                                                                $101.20 Per Tonne

Minimum charge                                                                              $10.10

Sorted Mixed Loads

Loads containing green must be more than 50% green and easily separable
Commericial loads must be double weighed
Domestic mixed loads may be double weighed on request
Refuse and green $224.22 Per Tonne  
Minimum charge per weigh per item $10.10  


Domestic and commercial - all vehicle types $7,553.80 Per Tonne  
Minimum charge $226.00  

Asbestos - Accepted at Metro Place only

*Asbestos only accepted wrapped in plastic on pallets. Pallets not to exceed one tonne in weight
Domestic and commercial - all vehicle types $465.80 Per Tonne  
Minimum charge per entry $37.30  

Tyres - Per Type Price

Car Tyre $9.00  
Rims (price per rim) $6.00
4WD Tyre $12.50  
Truck Tyre $30.00  
Tractor Tyre $75.00  
Loader Tyre $90.00
Metric tonne rate $875.00 Per Tonne  

Public Weigh


Woodchip - No longer Accepted as a separate item


Click here for a PDF version of our price list.

*Pallets for asbestos available free of charge at Metro Place only