Your local recycling centre

Planing your visit

To make best use of the EcoDrops, its best to plan ahead, helping you save time and money.

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Recycling Centre



If we can accept it in the recycling centre then it will be free!  Please check our guide for what we accept.
It also houses the Hazardous Waste area where unwanted household chemicals can be dropped off for free.
Once past the weighbridge, everything dropped off will be charged by weight.
We have different rates for different materials so its important to tell our kiosk staff what you are disposing.
After dropping off your waste into the right area,you enter onto the exit weighbridge. 
We weigh your vehicle and you are charged on the difference between the inward and outward weight.
We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard

Load your car, trailer, van, truck in the right order


The last items you put into your vehicle will be the first out when getting to the EcoDrop. Therefore, its best to load in the following order.



Refuse, greenwaste and hardfill


Once you go over the weighbridge everything is charged for so best to get the free stuff out first!

Greens and hardfill are charged at lower rates than general refuse.  Using multiple weighs you can cross the weighbridge several times, only being charged for the material just disposed.  For example, you may have some bricks, garden waste and general refuse in your trailer so you can do the following.

  1. Cross the entry weighbridge and tell the kiosk operator you are going to dispose the hardfill only
  2. Drive to the hardfill area, deposit the bricks and then drive over the exit weighbridge.  You will be charged for the hardfill at the set price on our price list
  3. Drive over the entry weighbridge again and tell the kiosk operator you are going to dispose of green waste only
  4. Drive to the green waste area and deposit the garden waste then drive over the exit weighbridge.  You will be charge the current green waste fee as per our current price list.
  5. Drive over the entry weighbridge for the final time with only the refuse on board.
  6. Deposit the refuse into the pit and then drive over the exit weighbridge.  You will then be charged the general refuse rate as per our current price list.

Before doing a multi-weigh, speak with the kiosk operator and they can tell you the best way to reduce your cost.  In some cases, you may only have enough weight to incur a minimum charge so crossing the weighbridge multiple times may end up costing you more in time and money.

Sorted Mixed Loads


If you are pressed for time and don't want to go through the weighbridge multiple times, we have two options for sorted mixed loads as follows

  1. Refuse and Green
  2. Hardfill and Green

These two options have a set flat rate per tonne so its best to speak with the kiosk operator to make the best use of these options.  If you choose to use one of the Sorted Mixed Load options, the materials must be dumped in the designated area.

As an example, if you have green waste and refuse, you must ensure these are placed into the right area.  Green waste must be placed in the nominated greens area, refuse must be dumped into the pit.

If in doubt...

If you are not sure what the best option is, please ask the kiosk operator and they will be happy to assist.  You also contact us and you can find our details here.