Your local recycling centre

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Reclaiming you space does not need to cost the earth - sometimes it can be free!  Click to learn more.


Perhaps the garage is so full there is no room for the car or the spare room is anything but spare. Take control of your space and bring your unwanted stuff to an EcoDrop. 

At the Recycling Centre we will take anything we can re-use for free and in most cases make sure it gets re-homed.  Its where you drop in, drop off and feel great!

The transfer station, accessible over the weighbridge is where we take garden waste, refuse and hardfill.

Use the links below to find out how the EcoDrop can help reclaim your space.


Where can I find an EcoDrop?

What can I take to an EcoDrop?

How much does it cost?

What happens to the reusable items I drop off?

What happens to recyclable material I drop off?

Where can I get more information?


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