Your local recycling centre

What we accept

Recycling Centres - where some things can be free!

We will accept free of charge items you would normally place into your Yellow Bin.  If your Yellow Bin is full and you have more product needing to be disposed of, bring it to your nearest EcoDrop.

Any household items that you no longer want but still function we will gladly accept.  This can include furniture, electrical items, sporting equipment and kitchen wares.  Our trained staff will assess and send to the EcoShop for resale.

Recycling covers items we will send away for re-processing or for re-use.
At a glance:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic Bags
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Gas cylinders
  • Furniture
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electrical Goods (stereo's, vacuum cleaners etc)
  • Bicycles
  • Work tools

Staff reserves the right to decline items if there is no demand or no resale value. Items refused can be taken through to the EcoDrop for disposal at a cost.

Household hazardous waste

Located next to recycling centres at all three locations, the Household Hazardous Waste centre takes all domestic items that can have a long term negative effect on the environment.  Our trained staff can guide you to the correct area.

When you arrive at the recycling centre, please inform the staff member attending if you have hazardous waste in your load so it can be correctly sorted.  Please ensure you provide our team member with as much information as possible in defining the material so we can ensure it's placed into the correct area. 

What we can accept at a glance

  • Used oil and automotive liquids
  • Car batteries
  • Old gas cylinders
  • Liquid chemicals
  • Dry chemicals
  • Household cleaners
  • Paints and associated painting solvents
  • Old refrigerators and freezers
  • Old garden herbicides
  • Garden pesticides
  • Mercury


What we cannot accept as household hazardous waste

The following is a listing of materials we are not able to accept at any of our EcoDrop centres:

  • Hazardous waste from any business or commercial site (please engage a specialist waste service for this waste stream)
  • Pharmaceuticals (surplus pill, medicines etc.  These should be returned to the issuing pharmacy)
  • Medical sharps, Sani-Pak (please engage a specialist waste service for this waste stream)
  • Ammunition (contact the Police Arms Office)
  • Explosive and flares (contact the Police Arms Office)
  • Asbestos and products containing asbestos*

*Only EcoDrop Bromley is able to accept Asbestos and must adhere to our strict requirements before we can take ownership. Asbestos must be wrapped in plastic and sealed in no greater than one tonne lots. 

For further information on the handling and disposal of hazardous waste, please refer to Christchurch City Councils information here.

Green Waste

Garden green material that has been separated from other waste can be dropped off at any of the EcoDrop's for a reduced fee.  This green matter is transported to independent processors who transform  this material into compost.   We accept fresh garden matter such as branches, leaves, shrub and hedge trimmings, rose prunings and lawn clippings.

Clopyralid, found in products such as Clopyd 300, Versatill, Radiate, Turf Weed Control, Void and No Lawn Weeds is used to control broad leaved weeds in lawns. It remains active in lawn clippings for six months or more and can affect the growth of desirable plants even after composting. If you have recently used these products on your lawn, the grass clippings are not suitable for composting.

What we do not accept as 'Green' waste

  • mixed loads of refuse and garden waste that cannot be sorted
  • tree stumps and branches more than 100mm in diameter (approx 4 inches)
  • flax and flax flower stalks
  • bamboo
  • cabbage tree leaves
  • toi toi
  • palm fronds
  • gorse and broom in seed
  • soil and roots heavily covered in soil
  • old compost heaps
  • stones
  • plastic
  • glass and metal objects
  • twine or string
  • newspaper
  • animal manure
  • oxalis

Any item in the list above is treated as refuse and cannot be composted. It should be deposited into the refuse pit just as you would dispose of other domestic waste.


Hardfill is clean rubble, concrete, bricks and large stones taken from residential sites.  Much of this material is crushed and used for road basing.  Hardfill must be separated from any green or household waste if it is to be accepted as Hardfill. Hardfill is only accepted at the Metro Place and Styx Mill Road sites.

We can also accept dedicated loads of clean soil however this must be separated from other materials.  If soil is mixed with other hardfill materials then it will incur a higher fee.

A fee is charged for the disposal of hardfill.  This material is kept separate from the rest of the refuse to allow a reuse option and our team can direct you to the required location.


What we do not accept as Hardfill

Reinforced concrete with metal webbing still attached. Concrete with particle board still attached, any tiles e.g. roofing tiles or cement.


All tyres are kept separated from the general refuse and recycling.  Our team will direct you to the correct location for disposal. There is a charge for the disposal of tyres.

Tyres we receive are sent to an independent company.

When bringing tyres into an EcoDrop, please ensure they are separated from general waste or other containments.

 General Waste

Anything that does not fall into the category of Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste (see definitions page), Green Waste, Hard Fill, Soil or Tyres is regarded as general waste.  This would typically be reflective of the contents of your red bin.

To access the general refuse pit, you will need to pass through the Recycling Centre, or take the direct path through to the weighbridge. 

A minimum charge exists upon entering the weighbridge area from where you drive to the pit to deposit your unwanted items.

It is a critical safety concern that you heed all warning signs, keep children in vehicles at all times and do not enter the pit itself.  Doing so will place yourself and our team members in danger of physical injury.

Upon leaving, your vehicle will be weighed to determine the net weight of material you have deposited into the pit.  This will determine the cost of using this service.

For an understanding of fees and charges, please refer to our fees and charges page.


New plasterboard/Gib board offcuts may be disposed of for a reduced cost at any EcoDrop. New plasterboard/Gib board must be free from paint, wallpaper, adhesives, and any other foreign material.