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All electrical items undergo a rigorous testing inspection, from a visual, electrical and mechanical safety before they can enter into the store. Our workshop staff check all computer gear and hard drives are reformatted to erase any personal or questionable material.

All electrical items that are sold for use are tested to the Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 including all relevant safety standards. All electrically safe items are sold with an electrical safety certificate to give you, the customer, peace of mind.

Items which do not pass the testing process but have some value as spare parts are sold disabled and with an appropriate safety warning label attached. Is some cases, to remove the risk of an electrical fault, we will cut the power cable off so its unable to be used.

A comprehensive in store testing bench ensures customers can test most items before buying them. Electrical equipment can be plugged in to see if the equipment, about to be purchased, is able to function.

With this intensive testing program in place, you are able to buy electrical items from the EcoShop knowing they are safe and fit for purpose.