The shop with a conscience

Why Shop at EcoShop

You can help make a change in our "throwaway society". By shopping at the EcoShop you are making a conscious and ethical decision to give items a second chance and another go around. The largest pre-loved department store in Christchurch and where every day is a treasure hunt!

Sporting goods, furniture, homewares, building and gardening goods, toys and much more.

The shop itself caters for everybody. Items we deem 'retro' are statements of a by-gone era and can be anything from giftware to furniture. We have a huge selection of goods in the kitchen area with plates, cups and cutlery. Our magazine and book collection is ever popular as is the extensive vinyl collection we have. Our sporting goods area is almost overflowing with every conceivable piece of equipment used for running, jumping, kicking or hitting a ball or traversing the snow. Our furniture collection is large with beds, mattresses, dressers and chairs.

Stock at the EcoShop is always changing due to the way in which we receive the goods. What we accept at the EcoDrop recycling centre will be in the EcoShop a few days later and that's part of the intrinsic beauty of the store. You never know what's inside and each time you visit there will be a different experience.