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What should you put into your yellow bin?

Below are the main items we love to find in your yellow bin. Click on the graphic to learn more about yellow bin 'sins and wins'.

 Yellow Bin Wins

 Yellow Bin Sins

Wanted Un-wanted

The EcoSort facility receives all the Yellow Bin recycling from Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts where it is automatically sorted, baled and sold as a reclaimed material.  Some of the materials are shipped overseas and some are sent for reuse within New Zealand.  We are constantly exploring new avenues for the recycled materials we receive from the kerbside collection to deliver a better recycling service for our city and New Zealand.

A huge investment in our sorting facility enables us to manage the large amount of recycling we receive daily.  However this plant does have its restrictions so some materials cannot be accepted in the yellow bin.

Your yellow wheelie bin is for recycling only and is collected fortnightly as part of the council kerbside collection service.  As a community, we have achieved one of the best recycling services in Australasia and a process that rivals world's best practice.  The quality of recycling we receive through the yellow bin collection means we are able to ensure the materials can be successfully reused. 

There is always opportunity to improve so following these simple tips, we can aim to increase the volume of material we can recycle.