Automated recycling

Recycled Products


Mixed Paper (MP)

This beautiful bale is all Newsapers, pamphlets and other papers -  ready to return as more newspapers, pamphlets and pieces of paper!


Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

Our Old Corrugated Cardboard bale weighing in at 400 kg's and ready for an overseas adventure.  Will most likely come back as cardboard packaging wrapping up the things you love to open!


Old News Paper (ONP)

Yesterday's headlines, commentary on past events are all here in Old News Papers.  Will be sent away to become more news print ready for more cutting edge stories.



HDPE Bale in all its natural milk bottle beauty.  Milk bottles of a  plenty gathered  to become anything from new pipes to pallets or fence posts



PET bale in all its translucent beauty.  Drink bottles of a  plenty gathered  to become anything from bottles to a fabric


Mixed 1-7 Plastic

Mixed 1-7 Plastic holds PET and HDPE along with ABS, PP, PLA, PVC, PS and many more.  A bale of squished acronyms.



The fizz may have gone but the glitz remains in our Aluminium bale, the most highly prized bale we create.  60% energy is saved using recycled aluminium over virgin material.



Yesterdays tins of food destined to become anything made from steel.  One of the worlds most recyclable products makes up this heavyweight of a bale.



We crush the glass we receive and process into differing grades of sand that are safe to handle.  These products can be used in so many applications from turf management to road fill.