Automated recycling

Take your top off

Take your tops off

Please remove your tops before placing empty bottles into the Yellow Bin.

All lids go into the red bin please!
In most cases, the material used for a plastic bottle is not the same as the lid. 


If we take a shampoo bottle as an example, the bottle itself may be HDPE or PET and the lid Polypropylene (PP).  This is referred to as contaminant, where a foreign material is contained within a particular bundled material.

With the lid still attached, it's harder to compress the bottle as the air is prevented from escaping.  Also, before the bottle can be recycled, the lid needs to be removed.


Here is a detailed photograph of a plastic bale showing the lids we have still attached to the bottle.  By having the lids removed before placing into the Yellow Bin, we can achieve a 'cleaner' material grade for our customers.


With glass bottles, the lid and foil around the neck are likely to be aluminium or alloy.  The lid remains intact as the bottle is smashed and flows through the plant as a contaminant in the glass crushing line.