Automated recycling

Yellow bin sins

Below is a list of items that should not be placed into your yellow bin. 

Nappy - Cross


Nappies cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service.  If you are disposing of nappies, place these into the red bin.

 Hose Cross

Hose Pipe

Cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service.

If you are throwing away hose pipe, place into the RED bin or take to your local EcoDrop.

 Clothing Cross


Cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service. Clothing in the yellow bin causes problems at the MRF, plus the clothing has to be thrown away.

Please take unwanted clothes to your local EcoDrop to ensure it gets re-used.

 Ammunition Cross


Cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service. Ammunition risks causing an explosion at our MRF and causing harm to our staff.

Dispose of ammunition correctly and take to your local Police Station or Gun Club.  Your local gun shop can also offer advice on where to dispose of un-used rounds safely.

 LPG Cylinder Cross

Gas Cylinders

Cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service. These present a hazard to the kerbside collection truck and our staff at the Material Recovery Facility through the risk of an explosion.

LPG cylinders can be dropped off for free at your local EcoDrop.

 Furniture Cross

Furniture and Wood

We cannot recycle any wood or furniture we receive through the yellow bin service.

We can accept furniture at your local EcoDrop and if we can re-use it, it's free!

 Waste Oil Container Cross

Waste Oil Containers

Cannot be recycled through the yellow bin service. These need to be disposed of in the red bin or at your local EcoDrop.  Unfortunately, the residual oil in the container is considered a hazardous material.

The remaining oil in the container can be disposed of for free at your local EcoDrop.  The empty container will then have to be disposed of into the pit or into the Red Bin.

 Paint Tin Cross

Paint Tins

Paint tins are not accepted in the yellow bin. We will accept household volumes of paint free of charge at your local EcoDrop.  Placing them into the yellow bin can contaminate other recyclables.


 Needle Cross

Syringes and Medical Waste

These are a hazard for our staff members at the Material Recovery facility.

To dispose of these correctly, please place them into the Red bin or an approved sharps collection bin.


Not allowed in Yellow Bin Where it should be disposed of
Ash (cold) Red bin or EcoDrop
Bubble wrap Red bin or EcoDrop
Car parts and scrap metal EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Ceramics, porcelain and crockery EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Clothing, fabric and shoes EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Cutlery EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Drinking glasses EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Empty Engine oil containers Red Bin or EcoDrop
General refuse Red Bin or EcoDrop
Household appliances EcoDrop or Recycling Centre
Light bulbs Red bin or EcoDrop
Mirrors EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Nappies Red bin or EcoDrop
Paint and chemicals EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Plastic ties and plastic tubing Red Bin or EcoDrop
Polystyrene (packaging and meat trays) Red Bin or EcoDrop
Flimsy plastic packaging Red Bin or EcoDrop
Food and garden waste Green Bin or EcoDrop
Furniture EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Garden hose Red bin or EcoDrop
Toys EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Tyres and rubber EcoDrop
Window or windscreen glass EcoDrop or Red bin
LPG Bottles EcoDrop Recycling Centre