Automated recycling

Yellow bin wins

Sometimes it's a little confusing to know if something can or cannot go in the yellow bin.  The guide below will help to shed some light on what we like to see in your yellow bin.


 Cardboard Tick


We love cardboard in your yellow bin and we make sure it gets made back into more cardboard.  Just a few notes here to help.

  • Flatten boxes to allow space for other recyclables.
  • Remove any polystyrene and place into the red bin.
  • Remove plastic bags and place them into the red bin.
  • You can also place pizza boxes in the yellow bin - just remove the pizza first!
  • Used hand towels cannot be recycled.
  • Foil wrapping paper goes in the red bin.


 Newspaper Tick


All paper is perfect for the yellow bin. Including newspaper, office paper and tissue paper are all perfect for recycling.  

 Bottles Ticks


All glass is great when it goes into the yellow bin - and we do some great things with it!  Here are some pointers for placing glass into the yellow bin.

  • Remove all bottle tops.
  • Any glass jars can also go into the yellow bin.
  • Rinse before placing into the yellow bin.
  • Window or mirror glass is to go in your red bin.

 Tin Can Tick

Steel cans

Steel is one of the most recyclable materials in the world so all household steel cans are welcome in the yellow bin. 

  • Please rinse out before placing into the yellow bin.
  • If your can opener separates the lid from the can, place the lid into the red bin.  The lid gets sorted as paper in our machine!
  • Maximum size is 3 litres.

 Ali Can Tick

Aluminium cans

Aluminium is very recyclable, therefore...

  • Drink the contents and pop the can into the yellow bin!

Water Bottle Tick

Milk Bottle Tick



Plastic Containers and Bottles

Most plastic containers and bottles are recyclable.  Before they can go into the yellow bin please do the following:

  • Empty contents.
  • Please check the underside of the container for a plastic recycling symbol
  • If there is no recycling symbol, place into the RED Bin
  • Rinse the container.
  • Pop the lid into the red bin.
  • Place the empty container or bottle into the yellow bin.
  • Maximum size is 3 litres.