Automated recycling

Yellow Bin Wins & Sins

Top Wins

Yellow bin Sml

Plastics numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7



Steel and aluminium cans

Glass bottles and jars

Worst Sins

Yellow bin Sml

Polystyrene meat trays (number 6)

Gas cylinders and fire extinguishers

Green refuse from the garden

Cellophane packaging

Recycling inside a sealed plastic bag


Medical waste


Paper that has been wrapped around food

Foil wrapping paper

Soft plastic packaging and bags

What does not belong in the yellow bin?

The list below outlines items what cannot go into the Yellow Bin. Some items are considered hazardous materials so please refer to our information for handling these materials at our EcoDrop.

Not allowed in Yellow Bin Where it should be disposed of
Ash (cold) Red bin or EcoDrop
Bubble wrap Red bin or EcoDrop
Car parts and scrap metal EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Ceramics, porcelain and crockery EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Clothing, fabric and shoes EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Cutlery EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Drinking glasses EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Empty Engine oil containers Red Bin or EcoDrop
General refuse Red Bin or EcoDrop
Household appliances EcoDrop or Recycling Centre
Light bulbs Red bin or EcoDrop
Mirrors EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Nappies Red bin or EcoDrop
Paint and chemicals EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Plastic ties and plastic tubing Red Bin or EcoDrop
Polystyrene (packaging and meat trays) Red Bin or EcoDrop
Soft plastic packaging and bags Red Bin or EcoDrop
Food and garden waste Green Bin or EcoDrop
Furniture EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Garden hose Red bin or EcoDrop
Toys EcoDrop Recycling Centre
Tyres and rubber EcoDrop
Window or windscreen glass Red bin or EcoDrop
LPG Bottles EcoDrop Recycling Centre